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Question No. 1

Which two actions would you take if a rolling upgrade procedure fails with an unexpected error?

Answer: A, D

D: If a serious problem appears, roll back controller A. Controller A reboots and controller B takes over and runs the previous software version. When controller A recovers, it also runs the previous software version.

Question No. 2

A database administrator wants to change the default block size to 32 KB. How can you achieve this on a ZFS Storage Appliance?

Answer: D

Block size is included Share properties.

Volume Block Size is the native block size for LUNs. This can be any power of 2 from 512 bytes to 1M, and the default is 8K.


Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide (June 2014), page 281

Question No. 3

Which two options can you select while customizing Status Dashboard performance graphs?

Answer: D, E

Status Dashboard Settings

The Status > Settings screen enables you to customize the Status Dashboard, including the statistics that appear and thresholds that indicate activity through the weather icons.

Use the layout tab to select the graphs that appear in the dashboard activity area, as defined in the following table.


Question No. 4

What is the correct path to take a snapshot in a browser user interface (BUI)?

Answer: A

Taking a Snapshot (BUI)

Use the following procedure to take a manual snapshot of a filesystem, LUN, or project.

1. Go to the share or project you want to snapshot.

To take a snapshot of a filesystem, go to Shares > Shares.

To take a snapshot of a LUN, go to Shares > Shares and click LUNs.

To take a snapshot of a project, go to Shares > Projects.



Question No. 5

As a system administrator, you find that the ILOM Service Processor is hung. Which three methods can you use to fix this problem?

Answer: B, C, D

Resetting the Service Processor Using Oracle ILOM

If the Oracle ILOM service processor (SP) is hung, Oracle ILOM provides two methods to reset it:

From the Oracle ILOM command-line interface (CLI), type: reset /SP.

From the Oracle ILOM web interface, click Administration > Maintenance > Reset SP.

If the Oracle ILOM SP is hung and you cannot reset it using the Oracle ILOM web interface or the Oracle ILOM CLI command, use the following procedure to reset the SP from the server back panel.

Using a stylus, press the Reset SP pinhole button that is located on the server back panel.

Figure SP Reset Pinhole Button Location


Question No. 6

What happens to a shadow migration job if a pool is failed over in a cluster, or both system disks fail and a new head node is required while using the shadow migration feature?

Answer: C


Shadow migration is implemented using on-disk data within the filesystem, so there is no external database and no data stored locally outside the storage pool. If a pool is failed over in a cluster, or both system disks fail and a new head node is required, all data necessary to continue shadow migration without interruption will be kept with the storage pool.


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