Valid Exam Questions For Oracle 1Z0-980 Exam

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Question No. 1

Your Customer wants to fetch specific contact details using an ROQL query. Their requirements are:

1. Fetch Contact ID, Contact First name, and Contact Last name details.

2. Contact first name should start with 'A'.

3. Query should run against the report database.

4. All contacts must be sorted in ascending order by Contact first name.

Which query will meet all the requirements?

Answer: D

You must include a USE REPORT statement in the query.

Column names are C.Name.First and C.Name.Last.

We use the like operator for the string comparison.


Question No. 2

What does the response requirement in an SLA specify?

Answer: A

Service level agreements (SLA) in Oracle RightNow Cloud Service (Service) control the type and amount of support you offer your customers.

Using response requirements, you can track the effectiveness of your customer service and determine whether staff members are meeting defined service goals for initial response and incident resolution times.


Question No. 3

Which two features can you use to connect output levels in a report? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, C

When you use the report and click a drill-down link on the first level of the report, the second output level knows to display only information related to the queue in the row you clicked. For more complex reports, the drill-down filter can be changed.


Question No. 4

In the Actions to Take drop-down list of Knowledge Advanced, which three actions can you use to tune a question?

Answer: A, B, C

The Actions To Take menu lists the tuning options for each object. Each object has a set of tuning actions, as displayed in the following table.



Question No. 5

Contact X is assigned to a Platinum SLA, which allows the contact to create a total of 250 incidents in a month.

Your client wants to reduce the number of incidents to 100.

Which action should you perform?

Answer: C

After you define an SLA policy, you might need to view it, modify it, disable it, duplicate it, or delete it.

To Modify an SLA Policy


Question No. 6

Examine these statements about products, categories, and dispositions:

1. Maximum hierarchy level of product/category is five.

2. A disposition cannot be seen in the customer portal.

3. Deleting a product classification will not cause any issue in rules.

4. A parent product can only be deleted after deleting all child products.

Which statements are true?

Answer: D

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